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Jim Lapides, International Poster GalleryWelcome to the International Poster Blog!

It goes without saying that I love vintage posters.  What began as a casual hobby over two decades ago has developed and flourished in to my passion and livelihood.  Today, I chase down great posters around the globe, living the life of a sleuthing international man of mystery.

OK, so “international man of mystery” might be an overstatement.  But still, there is an undeniable excitement, a sense of euphoria that comes with discovering a rare piece of history, tucked away for decades and hidden from the world.

Someone once wrote that “Jim Lapides believes in the power of the poster” and that is actually spot-on.  As artistic, commercial and historical documents they are layered with meaning, sometimes obvious and sometimes subtle.  There is always a story behind each poster, and that’s what I want to understand and share.

So that is the goal of our blog – to better appreciate posters, their beauty, their meaning and their power to shape behavior.  Join us for an inside peek at this fascinating world.  And please, don’t miss the chance to visit International Poster Gallery if you are in Boston.

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