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Abigail Kellogg Hazard’s Yale and Princeton Prints

Just in time for graduation! We have two handsome original 12 x 18 inch lithographic prints from 1909. They are from a series of designs for all the members of the Ivy League, but to date only Yale and Princeton have surfaced.


Til Life’s Sun is Set… (Yale print) by Abigail Kellogg Hazard (1909) 

This print features Yale’s lovable bulldog mascot, Handsome Dan. Adorned in a Yale Blue ribbon, Dan is surrounded by a snippet of Yale’s school song.


While the Tiger Stands De-Fender… (Princeton print) 

by Abigail Kellogg Hazard (1909)

Although its mascot was initially the lion, the tiger grew in popularity at Princeton due to its inclusion in the fight song “The Orange and the Black”. In 1911, Woodrow Wilson’s graduating class replaced their previous graduation gift of statues of lions with statues of tigers. When Princeton became co-educational in 1969, female tiger statues were included for the first time.

Here is the original advertisement for this poster from the June 15, 1910 copy of The Princeton Alumni Weekly:


For the New Princeton Posters

Price positively restricted to $1.00 each. Mail orders. Size 12 x 18. Designed, published, controlled by Miss Abigail Kellogg Hazard, 702 Newark Ave., Elizabeth, N.J. Original, artistic, symbolic, expressive of true college sentiment. In color. Tiger head conspicuous. Motto from the song “The Orange and the Black.” Also Princeton seal. 



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