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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Posters

Inspired by Flavorwire’s 10 Best Art Kisses, we’ve compiled a group of our favorite romantic posters just in time for Valentine’s Day. From decadent chocolate to dancing cheek-to-cheek, there’s sure to be something to sweeten your day! Just click on the images for more information.

vintage poster, Maxim by Hans Neumann

vintage poster, Gourdant by Doudow Frapotat vintage poster, The Ball and the Heart vintage poster, Scognamiglio Caramba

vintage poster, Opernhaus Zurich Ballett by Muller-Brockmann vintage poster, Simplon Orient Express by Fix-Masseau vintage poster, La Mia Passione FFS by Leupin

vinatge poster, Kaffee Hag by Diggelmann vintage poster, A.P.I. Voghera Cioccolato-Torrone vintage poster, Florina Lindt by Ebner

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