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Poster of the Day

“Buy War Bonds” by N.C. Wyeth

Raising money was a central challenge for all combatants in the World Wars, which were exhausting struggles of attrition. Bond drives became essential, and bond posters rapidly became the most common poster category of both wars. This stirring image by … Read more

Poster of the Day

“Food Will Win the War” by Charles Chambers

The American Dream is aptly evoked in this uplifting poster by Charles Chambers. Printed in several languages to appeal to recent immigrants, the poster shows newcomers on a ship deck in New York Harbor, with the Statue of Liberty beneath … Read more

Poster of the Day

“Das Kriegsanleihe” by Lucien Bernhard

This design by famed German posterist Lucien Bernhard uses the power of Teutonic symbols to create one of the most visceral posters of World War I. The mailed fist of a German knight comprises the entire illustration – malevolent, depersonalized … Read more

Poster of the Day

“Gee!! I Wish I Were a Man” by Howard Chandler Christy

World War I was the first conflict in which the illustrated color lithographic poster was available, and combatants struggled to make this instrument of mass persuasion effective. Enlistment was one of the key early areas of experimentation, and recruiting yield … Read more

Gallery News

New Exhibition – Paper Wars

International Poster Gallery proudly presents Paper Wars, an evocative exhibition of original propaganda posters of the First and Second World Wars.  On display in the gallery through June 15, the exhibition features some of the most persuasive and galvanizing posters … Read more

Poster History

Black History in WWII Propaganda Posters

The contrast in these propaganda posters from WWII could not be more stark. Some of the most vitriolic racist posters of the war were created in Italy by the Fascist government to stiffen Italian resistance as the Allies began their … Read more