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“Atlantic City – Pennsylvania Railroad” by Edward Eggleston

vintage poster, Atlantic City, Pennsylvania Railroad, EgglestonIn the early 30s, Edward Eggleston produced what is often considered the best series of posters for the Pennsylvania Railroad, the most spectacular of which featured Atlantic City. The historically conservative rail line gave Eggleston the freedom to show off the famous Boardwalk with luscious scenes of aristocratic young ladies on the beach by day and night.

Eggleston’s striking beauties are highlighted by a rich color palette and fabulous architectural settings, which create an idyllic world akin to a Hollywood set. Indeed, Atlantic City was in its heyday during the Depression, when a weary public needed an escape to a more perfect world – either of celluloid or sunshine.

This classic image has us dreaming of the beach!

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Summer Poster Sale

Vinatge Poster Sale

New to poster collecting, or just looking to add to your growing collection?  We’re offering HOT summer deals on more than 200 of our original vintage posters.  Act quickly, this Summer Sale lasts for ONE WEEK ONLY!

Poster of the Day

“Golf – Miami Biltmore Hotel” by K. Manahan

vintage poster, Gold, Miami BiltmoreThe prestigious Biltmore Hotel opened in 1926, and its tower was the tallest building in Florida at the time. It boasted the largest pool in the world, and the golf course (Johnny Weissmuller was the resident pro) was designed by the legendary Donald Ross, whose 600 golf courses established the nascent golf industry in the US.

This extremely rare poster likely was created to promote the hotel as the Depression took hold in 1931. A classic in every sense.

We are thrilled to have this new acquisition in our summer travel poster show!

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Poster of the Day

“The Enchanted Isle – Martha’s Vineyard – New Haven Railroad”

vintage poster, Marth's Vineyard, New Haven RailroadNew Englanders, this one is for you!

Few artists define an era more than John Held, Jr., whose cartoon humor of the flapper era is still well recognized today. His images of Betty Coed and Joe College graced the pages of the New Yorker, Harpers Bazaar and Vanity Fair, showcasing the lifestyle of the new generation while often poking fun at its out-of-touch elders.

Held made only a few posters, a wonderful small group for the New Haven Railroad in the Twenties and Thirties that were a big hit. His humorous poster of a moonlit weenie-roast on a beach at Martha’s Vineyard features his unmistakable caricature style and is one of the most sought after images of the island.

Poster of the Day

“Indian Court Federal Building” by Louis B. Siegriest

vintage poster, WPA Indian Federal Court
A noted California painter, Siegriest designed eight posters for the Indian Federal Court Building at the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco in 1939.

The series highlights traditional arts from the Navajo, Pueblo, Haida, Plains, Chippewa, Seneca, Eskimo, and Apache tribal nations.  This particular poster features Chippewa pictographs and a “false face” mask used in Seneca healing rituals.

This beautiful set of silkscreens is one of the most famous poster series of the WPA period, and we’re excited to include two of them in our summer travel show.

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New Exhibition – Vintage Travel Posters

Vintage Travel Poster Exhibit, Pack Your Bags

On display July 4 – September 5, 2011

International Poster Gallery proudly presents our 18th annual summer poster show Pack Your Bags!, an exhibition of original travel and transportation posters from around the world.  The exhibition features over 50 original vintage posters advertising exotic vacation destinations, luxurious rail and air travel packages, and modes of personal transport.

Read more about the exhibit here.

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Graphic Intervention AIDS Poster Exhibition at the Art Directors Club in NYC

AIDS poster, Keith Haring

Gallery owner Jim Lapides has amassed one of the largest collections of AIDS posters in the world — more than 3,000 designs from nearly 100 countries.  His collection is currently showcased in Graphic Intervention: 25 Years of International AIDS Awareness Posters 1985-2010, a first-of-its-kind exhibition of arresting and fearless international public health announcement posters.

This exhibition presents a comprehensive overview of the diverse visual strategies employed to educate the public on the AIDS epidemic. The messages in Graphic Intervention champion issues such as disease research and eradication, world health, international relations, sexual education, and discrimination.

AIDS poster, CondomanAIDS poster, Silence Equals Death

With over 3,000 posters to choose from, curators Elizabeth Resnick and Javier Cortes narrowed down the wealth of visual depictions to 153 examples from 44 countries. From Papua New Guinea to Denmark, Venezuela to Morocco, these posters demonstrate the remarkable diversity of visual solutions used to address a public health crisis.

The exhibit opened in Boston at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in September 2010, followed by the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. in February 2011. It is now on display at the Art Directors Club in New York City through July 29th with sponsorship from the Kenneth Cole Foundation. Three additional venues are scheduled through 2012. A 96-page, full-color Catalog is available for purchase through mail order.

Poster of the Day

“Buy War Bonds” by N.C. Wyeth

vintage poster, Buy War Bonds by N.C. WyethRaising money was a central challenge for all combatants in the World Wars, which were exhausting struggles of attrition. Bond drives became essential, and bond posters rapidly became the most common poster category of both wars.

This stirring image by famed illustrator N.C. Wyeth used loaded cultural symbols to stir emotions, from the billowing American flag to a determined Uncle Sam pointing the way to victory. Behind Uncle Sam is a never-ending phalanx of advancing B17s and infantrymen, formations that suggest a unity of purpose and collective strength. Author Jeffrey Schnapp coined this technique “The March” and it is seen in many of the best modern political posters.

This is the very rare and breathtaking large 40 x 60 inch format.

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Travels Through Africa

vintage travel poster exhibit, Africa

If you are in Boston this summer, check out the Grand Circle Gallery, an exhibition space featuring a spectacular selection of African travel posters from International Poster Gallery’s collection.

Tracking the development of the African tourist poster since the 1890s, Travels through Africa is on display through Labor Day.  The Gallery is free and open to the public, and is located in Fort Point Channel at 347 Congress St.

vintage travel poster exhibit, Africa

vintage travel poster exhibit, Africa


Poster of the Day

“Food Will Win the War” by Charles Chambers

vintage poster, Food Will Win the War by Charles ChambersThe American Dream is aptly evoked in this uplifting poster by Charles Chambers. Printed in several languages to appeal to recent immigrants, the poster shows newcomers on a ship deck in New York Harbor, with the Statue of Liberty beneath a red, white and blue rainbow. Framing the scene is the New York skyline, glowing in the morning sun.

The poster was prophetic in its appeal: food would be a decisive factor in winning the war for the Allies. America produced half of the world’s corn and a quarter of its wheat in 1917, and Herbert Hoover, the head of the U.S. Food Administration, recognized that only America could overcome the severe food shortages in Europe. Hoover, an ardent free marketer, refused to resort to centralized policing and rationing, which was the norm in every other country. With an army of 750,000 volunteers and only 8,000 paid staff, the Food Administration was totally successful in its mission to feed the Allies.

This poster asked Americans to conserve wheat, the most critical food item. Several posters were devoted to substituting corn, barley and vegetables.