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Poster History

75 Years since the Hindenburg Disaster

On May 6, 1937, the Hindenburg, the largest German airship, exploded in flames as it was landing in Lakehurst, New Jersey. Although the immediate cause of the spark is debated, the underlying cause was well known – the United States … Read more

Poster History

For New York Fashion Week: Vintage Bally Posters

Fashion Week is a perfect time to show off one of the best fashion poster series of all time.  Perhaps the longest running, most extensive (over 200 posters) and beautiful is the series for Bally shoe.  Founded in 1851 in … Read more

Poster News

Worry Bags No Game – Vintage Insights for Contemporary Challenges

During these tough economic times, my mind invariably comes back to a 1929 Mather work incentive poster above my desk that puts things quickly in perspective. Worry Bags No Game is a terrific reminder that challenges need to be faced … Read more

Poster of the Day

“Campbell’s Tomato Soup Bag” by Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol’s Tomato Soup paper bag from his show at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art in 1966 is certainly one of the most sought after and expensive disposable carry-alls in the world, and also one of the most popular pieces … Read more

Poster History

Black History in WWII Propaganda Posters

The contrast in these propaganda posters from WWII could not be more stark. Some of the most vitriolic racist posters of the war were created in Italy by the Fascist government to stiffen Italian resistance as the Allies began their … Read more

Poster News

“Seeing Red: Hungarian Revolutionary Posters” at MoMA

MoMA’s Architecture and Design Wing in New York City recently opened “Seeing Red: Hungarian Revolutionary Posters, 1919″, a mini-exhibition of rare avant-garde posters from the short-lived Hungarian Revolution of 1919. Well represented are the powerful work of Mihaly Biro, Sandor Bortynik and Bertalan … Read more

Poster News

Vintage Posters on Display at MoMA

One of the beauties of the redesigned Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) building that opened 6 years ago is the expanded Architecture and Design wing on the 2nd floor, which now makes it possible to see some of the treasures that … Read more

Gallery News

Welcome to the International Poster Blog!

Welcome to the International Poster Blog! It goes without saying that I love vintage posters.  What began as a casual hobby over two decades ago has developed and flourished in to my passion and livelihood.  Today, I chase down great … Read more