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Exhibition of posters in International Poster Gallery's SoWa gallery.

After 30 years, International Poster Gallery formally closed the doors of our Boston gallery at the end of October, 2023.
Owner and Director Jim Lapides is retiring and transitioning from the Gallery to begin his next chapter of life.

We are continuing to deal posters privately until further notice, and invite you to explore our remaining inventory, as well as our past exhibitions and educational pages on poster history and collecting.

Woodstock 40th Anniversary at the Gallery, Jim introduces artist Arnold Skolnick

Woodstock 40th Anniversary at the Gallery, Jim introduces artist Arnold Skolnick


It has been a wonderful run, and we thank you for making it all possible!

We have so enjoyed helping you find posters that are meaningful and beautiful, that excite your passions, and that help make your homes and offices a reflection of who you are.




Each poster tells a unique story about art, advertising and history. Each is a mirror of society. And we have had many great ones, often in superb condition, with many rarely seen by this generation of collectors or dealers. The fact that many of our posters are now in museum collections only confirms that. What is more, even after all these years of increased collecting activity, we still feel posters are one of the best values in art.

Gallery Show: "Protopop – The Elegant Object," 2011

Gallery Show: “Protopop – The Elegant Object,” 2011


The Gallery is proud to have organized or contributed to 50 curated exhibitions on and off-site that explored diverse facets of design history and expanded the poster field. Beginning with our intense focus on Italian, Swiss and Soviet posters, we proceeded to take fresh looks at poster styles from Art Nouveau and Early Modernism to Object Posters, Machine Age, Mid Century and Post Modernism.

IPG's home for 23 years: Newbury Street in Boston

IPG’s home for 23 years: Newbury Street in Boston


We have delved deeply into subjects such as the Golden Age of Travel, African, Australian and Pan Am Travel posters, Mather Work Incentive posters, Winter Sport, Bolshevik and War posters, Perestroika and AIDS posters. We’ve also highlighted trailblazing designers including Herbert Leupin, Paul Rand, and Armin Hofmann…the list goes on!

From Boston’s Newbury Street to the South End, these years at International Poster Gallery have been a fantastic adventure.

Thank you for your shared passion, your friendship, and your trust. We will treasure it always!


International Poster Gallery's former location on Boston's Newbury Street

International Poster Gallery’s former location on Boston’s Newbury Street

"Graphic Intervention – 25 Years of AIDS Awareness Posters 1985 – 2010" at MassArt opening, 2010

“Graphic Intervention – 25 Years of AIDS Awareness Posters 1985 – 2010” at MassArt opening, 2010


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